(1) Registration can begin by contacting our office by phone as in OPTION 1, or by registration online in OPTION 2. We have taken precaution by having a secure server in place.

(2) Review our Booking and Cancellation Terms.

(3) Make a deposit by cheque, money order, Visa, Mastercard, or direct bank transfer. If you opt for bank transfer, we will email the information you require.

(4) Once we have received your deposit, we will forward a package by email that will contain:

Follow the instructions provided with our information package as to balance of payment and return of forms:

Sea to Sky Wilderness Adventures
#101, 13870 - 70 Ave
Surrey, BC, Canada
V3W 0R9

1) Medical, menu and travel forms are due in the office at least 30 days prior to departure.
2) Balance of payment is due 60 days prior to departure.

OPTION 1 - register by phone

OPTION 2 - register online

Completing the Form

  1. Does it display the trip and date you desire?
  2. Does it display the correct option of either full payment or deposit?
  3. Note that no tax is assigned to deposits. Tax will be included on the invoice sent to you via email.
  4. if you have made an error in your selection of Trip/Date or Deposit/Full Payment, hit "delete", and it will begin the process anew. You will have to return to the trip page and make your selection again.
  5. To add an additional person(s)to the trip, simply highlight with your mouse the original number, and then enter the full number of travelers that you are making deposit or payment for.
  6. To view the dollar amount that will be assigned to your credit card, hit "recalculate" at the bottom of the form.
  7. If all is in order, click on "Go to Payments". Check your options for any error. Complete the form below. This is the form that is forwarded to us by the SECURE SERVER.
  8. Finally, click on "Continue" for the final credit card information.
Product Quantity Price Amount
Nootka Trail FULL PAYMENT July 12 to 17 Delete1,675.00 1,675.00
Nootka Trail DEPOSIT July 12 to 17 Delete502.50 502.50
Nootka Trail DEPOSIT Sept 18 to 23 Delete502.50 502.50
WCT FULL PAYMENT July 18 to 26 Delete1,975.00 1,975.00
Yukon River DEPOSIT June 19 to 27 Delete592.50 592.50
Nootka Trail DEPOSIT June 7 to 22 Delete502.50 502.50
WCT FULL PAYMENT May 18 to 26 Delete177.00 177.00
Broughton Archipelago DEPOSIT Aug 13 to 21 Delete615.00 615.00
Tatshenshini River DEPOSIT July 19-29 Delete1,258.50 1,258.50
WCT FULL PAYMENT Aug 14 to 22 Delete1,975.00 1,975.00
Bowron Lakes DEPOSIT July 18 to 27 Delete592.50 592.50
WCT DEPOSIT July 18 to 26 Delete592.50 592.50
Bowron Lakes DEPOSIT Sept 6 to 15 Delete595.50 595.50
Chilkoot Trail FULL PAYMENT July 1 to 7 Delete1,875.00 1,875.00
Chilkoot Trail DEPOSIT Aug 5 to 11 Delete562.50 562.50
Tatshenshini River DEPOSIT July 28-Aug 6 Delete1,732.50 1,732.50
WCT DEPOSIT Aug 31 to Sept 8 Delete592.50 592.50
Nootka Trail DEPOSIT July 7 to 12 Delete502.50 502.50
Bowron Lakes FULL PAYMENT July 31 to Aug 9 Delete1,975.00 1,975.00
Bowron Lakes DEPOSIT June 2 to 11 Delete562.50 562.50
WCT FULL PAYMENT Aug 2 to 10 Delete1,975.00 1,975.00
WCT FULL PAYMENT June 16 to 24 Delete1,875.00 1,875.00
Yukon River DEPOSIT June 17 to 26 Delete703.50 703.50
WCT DEPOSIT July 2 to 10 Delete592.50 592.50
Chilkoot Trail FULL PAYMENT July 25 to 31 Delete1,875.00 1,875.00
Bowron Lakes DEPOSIT July 3 to 12 Delete592.50 592.50
Tombstone Mts DEPOSIT Aug 27 to Sept 3 Delete735.00 735.00
Tombstone Mts FULL PAYMENT Aug 27 to Sept 3 Delete2,450.00 2,450.00
Tatshenshini River DEPOSIT July 3-13 Delete1,258.50 1,258.50
Nootka Trail DEPOSIT Sept 2 to 7 Delete502.50 502.50
WCT DEPOSIT June 16 to 24 Delete562.50 562.50
Yukon River DEPOSIT Aug 15 to 24 Delete709.50 709.50
Chilkoot Trail FULL PAYMENT Aug 5 to 11 Delete1,875.00 1,875.00
Chilkoot Trail DEPOSIT July 25 to 31 Delete562.50 562.50

Canadian Dollars Subtotal 35,627.50
Tax 976.25

TOTAL 36,603.75